$35! Can't beat it. From the land of Gascony, the Grassa family prepares a blend of 60% Ugni Blanc and 40% Baco, which is aged in cask for at least 8 years. It displays an attractive amber color and offers up a rich, powerful and concentrated nose featuring toasts, candied fruits and gingerbread. It is very smooth and round, with a hint of woody vanilla.
With its honeysuckle clouds of perfume, ease of attainability and enjoyment, you'd think she were a hooker.  Nae, Armagnac!  An excellent entry level for those afraid of brown liqueurs, this ranks among my favored postprandials and is of the least expensive you'll find on a restaurant's list.  The skill set and terroir required to produce this nuanced beverage is often dynastic, with family's handing their properties on to the next generation. Though there is no shortage of innovative growers outpacing the value quotient of its phonetic and more costly neighbor, Cognac.  

Located in the southwest of France close to the Pyrenees mountains, the region of Armagnac is divided into three zones, Bas-Armagnac producing the upper crust level of fruit.  

Tariquet is a favorite house, introduced to the US by one of the top importers of French values in wine and spirits, Robert Kacher Selections.  Bobby is known for finding hidden gems, maintaining their quality while exposing them to popularity & retaining their value.  This is in my top five favorites!

Try this gal!!!